Top 10 Reasons Spray Tans are the Best!

You might be thinking “Spray Tanning???” why bother, can’t you just get a tan sitting outside for free? Why would anyone pay to get a spray tan when it’s free in your back yard all day long? Top 10 Reasons Spray Tans are the Best 1) They’re the safest – Most states and provinces have… View Article

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Spray Tan Preparation and After Care

For the most optimal sunless tanning experience,


  • Shower
  • Shave
  • Exfoliate – 2 days prior
  • Do not wear Lotion
  • Do not wear Deodorant

  • Loose Dark Clothing is recommended or after your Tan
  • Open toed sandals to and from your Tanning experience

After Care:

  • Wait until 6 - 24 hours to shower.
  • Do not swim or hot tub.

  • keep body and skin hydrated (drink lots of water and apply lotion).