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  • Shower at least 2 hours prior to your service.
  • Shave - 12 to 24 hours prior
  • Exfoliate the day prior. City Chic Sunless You Glow Girl Pineapple Scrub is recommended.
  • Loose Dark Clothing is recommended or after your tan.
  • Please do not wear Lotion or deodorant to your appointment as it acts as a barrier between your skin and the tan I will be spraying on you.
  • Open toed sandals to and from your Tanning experience.


  • Wait until 8 - 24 hours to shower.
  • Do not swim or hot tub.
  • Keep body and skin hydrated (drink lots of water and apply lotion).
  • Maintain your tan with You Glow Girl Instant Self Tan Bronzing Mist by City Chic Sunless.