How to Apply

 Get a Grip! LacQit is so Quick and Easy

Proper preparation of the nail plate will ensure longer lasting adhesion of LacQit. Remove existing nail polish from nails, including any nail hardeners.

SimplicityPhotographyLN-17 Gently push back cuticle

SimplicityPhotographyLN-18Lightly file to remove shine from nail

SimplicityPhotographyLN-10 With a lint free wipe and alcohol sanitize and clean nails

SimplicityPhotographyLN-13Apply a thin/medium even coat of LacQit

SimplicityPhotographyLN-15Cure 30 seconds


*Some colors may require another 15 second cure

*Do not wipe LacQit with alcohol after curing this will cause dulling

Pro tips

Thin,even, but full coverage coats of LacQit are essential for proper curing- practice makes perfect!

For even better grip wiggle your color brush into nail groves vertically upon application.

Additional layers of LacQit can be applied after curing the full 30 seconds

Do not wipe or cleanse LacQit with alcohol cleansers LacQit is a no-wipe gel polish

 Simply paint over LacQit with the same or new LacQit color without filing or removal for fun nail art or to change ,strengthen or refresh your color!


 SimplicityPhotographyLN-24Apply thin even coat / coats to your already LacQit color

SimplicityPhotographyLN-25Cure 30 seconds



fileLightly file LacQit for a quicker soak off

nailsTear on line to open removal packet

nailsPlace finger inside and wrap edges to secure – soak 5-8 minutes

Graze loosenend LacQit with cuticle stick, file to remove any remaining gel.

Repeat steps if needed



Nail Preparation of LacQit Gel Nail Polish

Wash and thoroughly dry hands and nails. File and shape the nail to desired shape and length. With Manicure stick, gently push back cuticles.

With Nail file or block buffer go ahead and lightly file to shape nails and remove any *shine* from nail plate any non -living tissue from nail cuticle area.

Be careful to not over file! We’re just giving LacQit Gel Nail Polish a little Grip to stick to!

Cleanse nails, with a Lint free wipe saturated in alcohol. 
Allow to thoroughly dry completely – 10-15 seconds.

LacQit One Step Gel Nail Polish at Home Application Pro Kit

Apply a thin layer of LacQit Gel Polish to nails, keeping polish an *envelopes* width away from cuticles and sides of nails and not allowing any *pooling* of gel polish.
Cap free edge using the side of the brush, running it lightly along nail tip.
Use Manicure stick to clean cuticle area if necessary.
Place nails in LacQit Pro LED curing Lamp to cure for 30 seconds.
Apply second coat of Gel Polish to nails, lightly cap free edges cure in LacQit Pro Lamp for 60 seconds. 

Using same procedure, apply to thumbs and cure accordingly. 
Finish with MOISTURE cuticle oil.
That’s It !!

At Home Removal of LacQit Gel Nail Polish

Removing Gel Polish at home is easy with LacQit Gel Nail Polish

Your lacqit at home soak off gel polish starts with soaking fingers in a glass bowl in remover solution for 10-15 minutes. Using timer as a guide is helpful.
Remove fingers and gently scrape off dissolved gel polish from the surface of the nail with the Manicure stick being careful not to damage the natural nail.( leaving nails in the solution is while scraping helps).
Repeat soaking and gently scraping until gel polish is completely removed.
Gently buff any excess nail color with block buffer if needed.
If re-applying LacQit Gel Nail Polish be sure to wash and dry nails first to remove any oily residue.
* Adding a few drops (10-12) of MOISTURE cuticle oil to the remover solution will help to keep nails and skin Moisturized and Healthy

Tips and Tricks from the Pros – LacQit Gel Nail Polish at Home

LacQit Gel Nail Polish cures (hardens), in seconds under an LED lamp, unlike regular nail polish that air dries over a long period of time.

LacQit ®(pronounced Lac-it)

Daily application our nourishing cuticle oil will not only extend the wear of your gel manicure but also will moisturize your nails and cuticles keeping them healthy!

* For that fresh polished (wet) look or if you need more strength go ahead and apply another coat of LacQit and cure 30 seconds mini lamp – 60 seconds pro lamp to clean dry nails in between your 2 week applications
*Pushing cuticles back will not only give you more working space but will expose what we professionals call *non-living cuticle* for longer lasting results of LacQit! 
– Non-living cuticle will appear white in color at the base of the nail in cuticle area. removal of exposed non-living tissue important as it traps oils which can cause loosening of gel polish. Some nails produce larger amounts of non-living tissue than others. Don not be worried if your nails produce more than others this is just our body chemistry.
*paper towel cut into sections are great lint free wipes! 
*Swirling brush around neck of bottle and dragging any excess off helps you to have more control of polish.
* Bubbling of gel nail polish occurring is a result of gel polish being applied too thick. Try applying LacQit in a thin manner.
*Soaking of hands or feet in water prior to application will cause peeling of LacQit Gel Nail Polish as nails are porous and retain the water if soaked for a length of time. Insure to do the soaking of your hands and feet AFTER applying LacQit if performing a full Mani or Pedi.
*There is no need to shake lacqit gel polish at home before application. However lacQit can be gently shaken if settling occurs after not using your Gel Polish for long periods of time.
Set timer for 30 seconds by pushing the S button to 30.
Set timer for 1 minute by pushing the M button once.
Reset timer by pushing both M ansd S buttons.
Timer will beep when done.

Soaking off gel polish at home has never been easier. Leaving your fingers immersed in the acetone solution while scraping makes removing gel polish more efficient. 
*Store LacQit in a cool dry place in your bathroom drawer or cupboard are great places. Do not store in a windowsill or in any other light sensitive areas as direct light will cure the polish. Do not refrigerate. 
* Place a towel over hands while soaking in removal solution this will provide you with an odor free soak-off!
*For consistent and predictable curing time of your LacQit we recommend using the LED curing lamp when plugged into electrical power. The battery mode is great 

Sensitivity Test

We recommend you test LacQit Gel Nail Polish for at least 48 hours on one nail before product use for any sensitivity. If any discomfort or irritation issues occur discontinue use.

LacQit Gel Nail Polish storage

Store your at home gel nail polish in a drawer or dark place. Do not store in windowsill or in direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Apply and keep at room temperature. Warning`: Do not apply to infected or damaged nails. Avoid skin and eye contact. If contact occurs, rinse with water for 15 minutes. Consult a physician if irritation occurs. If swallowed seek medical attention. Use in well-ventilated area. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. FLAMABLE.Keep away from flame and heat.

Operating instructions for LacQit LED Pro Curing Lamp

Plug into electrical outlet.
Press power button on back of lamp.
Insert hands after application for the 30 and 60 seconds intervals. Use timer provided to control time.
If any heat occurs on nails remove immediately.
After polish cures, turn off lamp.

In Battery Mode
Remove bottom battery panel.
Carefully insert 3 AA batteries then re- attach panel.
Press power button at back of lamp.
Continue with above instructions.
Electrical power provides more even and quicker cures.

Unplug electrical cord before cleaning. Clean with dry cloth.

LED Lamp Warnings:
110 V
Do not immerse and avoid contact with water
Keep away from children
Always turn power off when not in use
Always unplug when not in use
Do not touch LED diodes (bubbles) when lamp is powered on
Keep Gel nail polish colors away from LED curing lamp when powered on to prevent hardening
The LED lamp is not a toy, keep away from children

See FAQ`s for support on application tips .Also see video demonstrations.

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