Exclusive to City Chic SPRAYTANS Sunless RX captures the synergy between science and nature to offer you the most professional high tech spraytan with the highest of quality pure DHA , natural, organic, pharmaceutical-grade sunless. Ensuring no odor, drip free flawless tanning with a non patchy even fade.

SPRAYTANS has the only patented applicator that both reduces overspray and delivers flawless tanning results. It is the only system on the market to have the United States EPA-E.V testing showing a 39% reduction in overspray with the added benefit of increasing the quality of the clients tan. Incredible results , plus the added benefit of a clean working environment. Proud to be  aware of our clients health we also have a unique custom in studio ventilation system. Both advanced technologies separating us from all others with the healthiest spraytan environment possible.


By simply connecting the dots our laser spray tan gun provides absolutely flawless results every time. Flattering body contouring has never been more precise and is included with every spraytan. My advanced professional training techniques along with the laser guide decides the perfect distance from the body making your tan absolute perfection.

My solutions are Paraben Free, Purely Organic, Vegan, PETA Approved, Cruelty Free. Harsh Chemical Free,  and Sulfate Free, All Natural Tanning Solution. Our Approved Blend Contains a High Concentration of Anti-Aging/Antioxidant Ingredients.

– Nanci includes a Consultation with you to Determine the Desired Color of your Airbrush Tan to make sure you are100% Satisfied.

– I have the most Elite and Highest Rated Airbrush Training, only using the Best Equipment in the Industry offering World Patented Laser Spray Tanning Exclusive to City Chic. Delivering Flawless, Drip free , odor free tans with  Perfect results Time after Time – our Customers are 100% Satisfied.

– Your Skin will Feel Naturally Hydrated with the Perfect Bronze color without any odor or orange color. Tans are  quick Drying and Anti-Aging.

– You’re Tan will Last for a Week or more if you follow my Instructions.

– I am Trained to work with many Different Skin Types, Ages, and Races.

– For any Occasion from Individuals to Small Groups and Parties we are always Punctual and Flexible with your Schedule.

– I customize your Color to Enhance to work with your Natural PH and Skin Tone.

– If required I Prep your Skin with a PH balanced so you can achieve optimally Beautiful Spray Tan results.

– For an extra time and travelling fee our Mobile Spray Tan Service is offered. Luxurious Spray Tanning in the comfort of your own Home, Office, On-:location or Salon.

– I have a Flexible Schedule in a Comfortable and Inviting, Non Judgmental , Professional Atmosphere explaining each step to you along the way.

– I offer Aftercare Products that Prolong, Add Moisture and Maintain your Flawless Tan.