Prep and Aftercare

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*Please arrive to your appointment fully prepped and free of any lotions , face make up and deodorant so we can keep on schedule.

– Mani”s /pedi’ s, waxing, lashes, brows,  massages, hair salon services should all be done the day prior to your tan. Your spraytan should be your last scheduled service.

  • -SHOWER the day of at least 4 hours prior ( bar or dove soap are not recommended as they leave a film on the skin and diminish the tan more quickly, instead shower gel is recommended)
  • -EXFOLIATE – 1 day prior. Please do not scrub your skin raw. An exfoliating scrub free of any sugars or salt on a washcloth in the shower or bath is your best choice .

– Shave (at least 12- 24 hours prior )

– SKIN should be clean  of lotions/perfumes, makeup &  deodorant

– wear whatever you are comfortable in to tan. Most girls go underwear no top or clothing free. Men will wear underwear or swim trunks.

– Wear loose dark fitting clothes to wear after your session
*No jeans please or yoga pants please

– Avoid acvities that may cause you to sweat

Please pre pay your appointment as requested in your introductory message . Failure to show up for your appointment and last minute cancellations are non refundable.

You will control your desired  color – wait 2-24 hours before showering,the sooner you shower the lighter your tan will  be.

The color guide will wash off. Please do try not to leave it on longer than 24 hours , it is only cosmetic.


– Gently wash your  body, pat your  skin dry and apply moisturizer right out of the shower.

  1. – Shower gel is recommended throughout your tan.  Do not use bar soap  or dove products as they are  not sunless friendly.

Heavy scented lotions,or body butters,are not recommended.

– Avoid products with  alcohol (perfumes, body sprays) on your airbrush tan instead mist these  products in the air  & walk through once clothed.

– Avoid taking long hot baths or showers.

– Avoid pools and hot tubs.

 Please come in with your skin clear of any previous DHA tan.

– Avoid lotions with mineral oil or petroleum.

Please click on the link below for more info on the 10 top things nobody tells you about a spraytan!

10 things no one tells you about spraytanning


My solution is PETA approved, paraben free, fragrance free, alcohol free, and premium

organic. The active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (or DHA), is a simple

carbohydrate. We use the purest form if DHA available from organic sugar beets. Non transdermal,  spraytanning is simply

reacting with the skin’s outermost layer of proteins, resulting in a browning effect, using no harsh dyes.

Sunless tanning was first introduced into the consumer marketplace in the 1960s.

In 1977, the FDA added DHA to their list of approved cosmetic ingredients. Today,

DHA is the main active ingredient in all sunless tanning skincare preparations.


It’s no secret that a tan makes us appear slimmer, younger, and sexier. However,

it’s important to keep in mind that almost 90% of the visible changes attributed to

aging are caused by the sun. Sunless tanning is not only the smart alternative

because it provides all the same benefits without the exposure to ultraviolet rays;

but in addition, it can minimize the appearance of skin imperfections and eliminate

the concern of tan lines. ( please keep in mind tan lines or  previouly  sunbuned skin that has peeled cannot be totally corrected) .

 Custom airbrush tanning and body contouring also

creates the opportunity to obtain any shade of tan one might desire- from a

subtle glow to a deep, tropical bronze, Pure Organic Airbrush Tanning is here!

With the sun’s ultraviolet rays being the main culprit of skin cancer, it’s no surprise

that DHA-based sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer

Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology Association, and the American

Medical Association. Ultraviolet radiation damages DNA, the genetic material that

makes up genes. In turn, our genes control the growth and overall health of skin

cells. So although soaking up the sun may seem like a pleasant pastime, it is not

safe for long enough periods for people to develop the color they desire. Sunless

tanning allows individuals to obtain a sun-kissed glow without the harmful effects

of UV-rays.