Adding at home gel polish to salon gel nails?LacQit

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Can i add my at home gel polish to my salon gel nails ? Absolutely! LacQit all in one gel polish makes it easier than you may think!Are you wanting to save some time and money$ by growing out your salon gel nails and do them yourself with gel polish at home? Or just want to add some color in between your fills?

LacQit can be added to your gel or acrylic with ease!

First of all we need to create a surface for the gel polish to stick to by filing to create a rough surface. After this you can simply add your LacQit coat/coats and cure 30 seconds. The LacQit mini kit makes it so easy coming with the LacQit Mini lamp,nail file ,cuticle stick,remover wraps,instructions and  1 bottle of LacQit Polish that will give you 30 gel manicures at home!

To grow out your salon nails and switch over to LacQit gel polish at home – simply do the same ,create a rough surface for LacQit to stick to and cure. Your nails will need to be “blended” in a shortened as you go along . Blending will prevent a grow out ridge  and shortening will prevent any breakage while you are growing out your stronger gels or acrylics to your gel polish which will not provide you with quite as much strength but