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Spray tan preparation

* exfoliation, shower, shave, no lotion deodorant or face make-up.
*Exfoliating products that are heavily oil-based should be avoided as these types of scrubs leave a residue that block the tanning process. Heavy exfoliation should be done 2 days prior.
* The showering process must include removing all residue of any soaps or conditioners from the body.
* Residue of hair styling products post shower can also effect the tan and should also be elaborated on.
* Manicures, pedicures, and waxing should also be done prior to spray tanning.
* Your clients should avoid using moisturizers or anything with alcohol and oils (including perfume) prior to and after their spray tan.
* Loose, dark clothing and flip flops or sandals should be worn to each session.
* Contact lenses, glasses and jewelry should be removed.



We let you  be in control of your sunless tan. DHA, the active ingredient in the spray tan solution, has a natural browning effect like that of an apple that has been cut in half. The longer it is left exposed the darker it will get. As true with a spraytan your client will have a window of up to 24hrs. You can choose to shower from 6 – 24 hours, providing light golden glows to darker just off the beach tans.

*  pat skin while towel drying after showering.

* Avoid sweating or any moisture on the skin after your tan until your first shower.

* Avoid swimming and hot tubs.

* Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize with water based hydrators.

* Retin A or Acne products should not be used the week of your tan.

* Sunscreen should still be applied when clients are in the sun. Sunless tanners do not block UV rays

* going on vacation and engaging in water-based activities,  please moisturize often before and prior to spending time in the water. This will help but does NOT guarantee the tan is protected from fading more quickly.