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Helpfull Sunless Guidelines
List of products that could potentially cause quickly fading or blotchy tanning results and not recommended for use with your sunless tan.
* Products containing exfoliates, acne medications,salacylic acid,or antibiotics that dry the skin.
*Anti-aging products.
*Toners containing alcohol or witch hazel.
*Band-aids or adhesive tapes will pull off sunless tans.
*Bar Soaps
*Body Hair bleaching products.
*AHA – alpha hydroxy acids,glycolic, Retin A etc.
*Insect spray, perfume, or body spray – these products can fade spray tans when applied to the skin. Suggest your clients spray these items onto clothing instead of skin.
*Women’s hormones – menstrual, ovulation, or pregnancy can all affect the outcome of a spray tan whether it result streaky, patchy, fade improperly or a no color outcome.
*Curel lotion.
*Dove soap or shower gel ,Victoria secret and bath and body works products have all been known to fade spray tans.
*Facial masks should not be used.
*Sweating heavily during exercise will fade the tan more rapidly.
*Tans will fade more quickly in the winter months due to dryness. Apply self-tanning lotion for extra tan longevity and moisture.
*Shave if necessary with a sharp clean razor and hair conditioner.
*Do not use eye make-up remover.
*Long hot baths can soften the skin causing the tan to fade. Swimming pools and hot tubs are not recommended as they contain chlorine which can bleach the skin.*Talcum powder can be added to feet or back of knees where sweating can occur inside clothing or footwear.
* Using hands to gently wash skin in place of heavy washcloths, loofa’s, and abrasive exfoliating agents will help to not strip the tan.