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Nails Kelowna Converting Salon Nails to Gel Polish -LacQit Gel Polish

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Looking to grow out your salon gel nails Kelowna and do your own gel nails at home? LacQit All in One Gel Polish makes it so easy saving you  both time and money!

Whether you are looking to convert your salon Gels or Acrylics to Gel Polish or just looking to wear color on your nails between fills LacQit can get you there. With one simple step curing in just 30 seconds you can do your gel nails at home in a snap!

LacQit mini kits have everything you need to add or convert  your salon gels or acrylics.  Its important to first file the surface to give the polish something to “stick” to. From there you can go ahead and apply LacQit coat/coats and cure for 30 seconds in the LacQit mini lamp .

If you are thinking to grow out your salon gels or acrylics the same process continues but you will also need to file and blend the “ridge” as your salon product grows out . This and keeping your nails at a reasonable length ,keeping in mind your new gel polished nails will not give you quite as much strength as your salon nails ,( adding more coats of LacQit can aid in this process),are both important steps in your grow out period. But think of the money you will save with 1 LacQit bottle giving you 30 gel manicures!

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