Gel Nail Polish One Step LacQit® French Manicure

french LacQitlacqit french lacqit top

Gel Nail Polish at Home French manicures are so easy and quick with LacQit® one step gel nail polish! Our new gel nail polish LacQit® color There’s sand in my Castle combined with LacQit® it’s a Whiteout are the perfect coupling for this chic look – as our happy LacQit® customer sent in to us – thanks Taryn for sharing!  Simply paint your tips with Its a Whiteout and cure for 30 seconds in the LacQit® Pro or Highbeam LED lamps available in our gel nail kits . Then paint on a coat of There’s Sand in my Castle and cure another 30 -60 seconds and Done! For more strength and longer wear add a coat of the New LacQit® No-Wipe 30 second Top Coat. French gel manicures at home have never been easier!