Happy to help with this all in one Gel Polish at home question

Hyponychium“I do my own gel nails, but have found in the last week that some of my fingers are really hurting under the nails. Should I expect this? I am careful not to bite the gels off and do soak them under tin foil. It is a real shame, as I have never had such good nails. Mine always curled under – very ugly, since using gels this has stopped. I really don’t want to give the gels up!!! The problem is not so much the nail bed, more the tip of the finger, the skin is becoming very hard in the problem area and on one finger and it has started to split. It isn’t on all fingers, 3 have been affected, however they are not pussy or inflamed, just hard skin build-up – very odd!

I really can’t think what it can be, all I can say is, and since wearing gels my nails have never been so long, could this be a factor?


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