Hollywood A list Approved Sunless Spray Tans Kelowna

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Spray tans in Kelowna worthy enough for the Oscar stage. Our Fellow New York and  LA SprayTans™artists gave both  A- listers Lady Gaga and Rita Ora their gorgeous bronze tans for the amazing performances by both singers at this years show.

Naturally derived chemical and paraben free, Peta approved vegan and cruelty free. designed to work with your skins natural PH. Worldwide Patented Laser Spray Tanning creating drip free flawless results everytime!

Preparation/Client consultation

*  importance of exfoliation, shower, shave, no lotion deodorant or face make-up.

*Exfoliating products that are heavily oil-based should be avoided as these types of scrubs leave a residue that block the tanning process. Heavy exfoliation should be done 2 days prior.

* The showering process must include removing all residue of any soaps or conditioners from the body.

* Residue of hair styling products post shower can also effect the tan and should also be elaborated on.

* Manicures, pedicures, and waxing should also be done prior to spray tanning.

* avoid using moisturizers or anything with alcohol and oils (including perfume) prior to and after their spray tan.

* Loose, dark clothing and flip flops or sandals should be worn to each session.

* Contact lenses, glasses and jewelry should be removed.