LacQit® Gel Nails Kelowna in Flare Magazine

LacQit® one step gel polish-All in one gel polish in the May Issue of Flare Magazine

flare-magazine-blog-post-02LacQitOne-Step Gel Polish, Pioneers in the one step gel polish industry, being the first all in one gel polish launched in 2010, has been featured in the May issue of Flare Magazine! We are very excited to have the interest of a national publication. It just goes to show the excitement people have for doing their own Gel Polish at home and the flexibiliy of our all in one formula that LacQit offers. Here is what Flare Magazine had to say: Gel Nails 2.0 Last year, multi-step gel lacquers – light-cured for ultra shiny results that stay put for up to two weeks – evolved from salon exclusives to at-home wonders. Now, a Canadian innovation called LacQit makes doing it yourself a while lot snappier. Introduced by Kelowna, B.C., entrepreneur Nanci Spencer, LacQit is a one-step gel colour that combines base, colour and topcoat with a secret molecular blend that allows for the same rock-hard result in a no-wipe, insta-dry formula. Flash-cure two coats (30 seconds for the first, 60 seconds for the second) under an LED light, and you’re done. Available in 20-plus shades. FLARE pick: LacQit One Step Gel Nail Polish. $60/starter kit. Thanks Flare Magazine. Watch for more LacQit product coverage in the media!