LacQit® One Step Gel Nail Polish to Top or Not?


Why would we at LacQit®  introduce a Gel Top Coat to our One Step Gel Polish line you ask? Is all about gel nail polish options and who doesnt like options!  Rest assured  the decision was made  with all you at home gel polish Fasionistas in mind! Our new Top Coat is also great for you Salon Gel Nail Polish users also! Whether your using an LED lamp or  UV lamp source the new LacQit®  top coat will cure in either light source just as our one step gel polish colors do.

The new LacQit® Top Coat cures for 30 seconds in LED and 3 minutes in UV light. Both to a no-wipe, insta-touch shine the same properties of our one step gel polish colors. All of these great features as well as the new top coat being Soak-Off  are all good reasons LacQit® is in the For- Front of the gel polish market

So why use a top coat with our one step colors?  Well its really about options and we like options!

LacQit® one step polish features you being able to have fun with your LacQit® colors  – being a able to change or refresh or strengthen your colors without removal. This means for example you can apply your LacQit® color then change  or strengthen your color the next day or days with a new color or the same color without having to remove the original one. Nail art also fun and easy with LacQit® as you can add other LacQit® colors like adding a feature nail ,dots ,stripes or your own designs to your already LacQit® manicure once again without removal.

When the LacQit® new top coat is applied to your LacQit® color the options mentioned above are not possible. Being that the other colors cannot be applied on top of the top coat but in turn the top coat would need to be removed which would really mean removing your whole gel manicure. This is a great thing for you girls (or guys ) who want to wear your LacQit® colors for weeks and weeks and sometimes weeks without removal !

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