Learn to spray like a boss!

Have an advantage over the competition with City Chic Sunless world class  certification. Spraytan training from Vancouver to Toronto and throughout Canada. Learn all the industy secrets, hands on full body model training , pro tips and tricks and how to manage your business like a boss!

Your success is my success. The more confident you are, and the better at spray tanning you are, the easier it will be for you rise to the most optimum level of success. Helping you build a better business and holding up a professional standard in the sunless industry.

And it doesn’t stop at just teaching you how to properly spray tan. As a busy spray tan technician, triple certified educator and designer of my own sunless product line,  you can feel confident knowing I will be able to address any question, issue or problem you will ever come across.

Call 250-215-1800 I’d be happy to chat !

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