Reveiw Gel Nails at home great nail art with LacQit® 1 step gel polish

Nail art with gel nails at home along with everyday polish is attracting alot of attention these days! When we saw the fabulous nail art instagramer @nailstampfanatic ,an at home mom, was doing with her beautiful nails , it was time to get her using LacQit one step gel polish immediately!After sending this upscale instagramer ,Teresa, who sports over 40K followers, has judged nail design comps as well as been featured on mag covers for her designs, a bottle of LacQit at home gel polish she agreed to give it a try. She had used other multi step gel polishes in the past but had discontinued using them because they had made her nails “weak and brittle” so was sticking with regular nail polish for her creations. One test of LacQit one step gel polish and she was hooked! She loved the ease of LacQit’s application and its all in one gel polish quick 30 second curing formula and being istantly dry to the Touch right out of the lamp. “It’s so easy and quick” she said. The ease of LacQit ‘s removal also caught her attention. Although “stamping ” is her forte along with Jeweling,Striping and more Teresa also learned from me of LacQit’s ability to add LacQit to LacQit without any filing required.From there the door as open for other creative ideas she could do with LacQit also.


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