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Unlike most of today’s DHA sunless tanning airbrush solutions ours will not leave any unsightly yellow orange demarcation around thicker stratum corneum areas such as the palms and elbows. This undesirable staining reaction is not attractive  and  has been accounted for many people not wanting to  return to for more treatments.

A proprietary blend  of mix select DHA.

The color change now takes only two hours to begin appearing on the skin surface and will continue to darken for up to 24  hours. This eliminates the old theory of purchasing three or four airbrush solutions with different percentages of DHA solution for a light, medium or dark color.

The color is controlled by how long the DHA spray is allowed to develop on your client. There is no need to purchase three or four different bottles of solution and try to guess its  the perfect blend for all skin types and lets the client control the desired sunless color.

For the 10% of clients who wish to be darker on the initial treatment, salons can apply the product on ensuing days until the desired color is achieved.

It is important to understand live skin cells migrate to the surface of the skin and become more acidic as  they die and become saturated with Keratin. These hardened proteins are the place the DHA reacts to and the color is formed. We use organic aloe as a primary ingredient since it penetrates skin very well, making it a natural and optimal fit. We must remember water cannot be absorbed by your skin, takes long to dry and has no benefit.