The Best drip free, game changing, sunless tans in Kelowna. SprayTans™

10945598_796808970399372_7290341375445107555_nChoose”barely sun-kissed”/ “just off the beach”or anything in-between..EXCEPT orange! The Best drip free, game changing, sunless tans in Kelowna.  SprayTans™  organically created with natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals or parabens and infused with green tea,cucumber, chamomile, aloe and vitamins A&E. Superior grade products, technologically advanced equipment, combined with world class certified training. SprayTans™  training is exclusively available to certified beauty industry professionals.

Our all Natural  Gorgeous Spray Tans are Professionally Applied by our Triple Certified SprayArtist and Exclusive Canadian SprayTans™Trainer/Distributor Nanci Spencer. Each 5-7 Day Custom Sunless Airbrush Tan includes Complimentary Contouring.
Mocha Bliss $40.00
The Healthy Natural Tan Everyone Loves. Suits Every Skin Tone.The Perfect Wedding or Grad SprayTan. 2 – 24 Hour Development.
Ad an Espresso Shot $45.00

Feel the Anti-Aging, Skin Tightening effects from a shot of our Vitamin Enriched Espresso in this Sunless Treatment. Advanced Rapid Dry. Beautiful “Copper” Undertones Created by Plant Derived Natural Ingredients. Loved by Dry,Thirsty Skin. Glowing in 6hrs, Hot off the Beach in 12-24.


Double Espresso $50.00

Anti-Aging, Skin Tightening, Vitamin Enriched Rapid Dry/Express. Showers in 3 hours – 24 hours. Perfect for Naturally Dark and Summer Tanned Skin that needs a Boost of Color and Hydration and when you need



Naturally Gorgeous Color * Ultra-Hydrating * Unnoticeable Evenly Fading * Exclusively developed for Hollywood’s “A List”*