Top 10 Reasons Spray Tans are the Best!

You might be thinking “Spray Tanning???” why bother, can’t you just get a tan sitting outside for free? Why would anyone pay to get a spray tan when it’s free in your back yard all day long?

Top 10 Reasons Spray Tans are the Best

1) They’re the safest – Most states and provinces have already implemented the new restrictions on sun beds. It’s now a regulated and monitored service, restricted to 18yrs and older only.

2) It’s Instant ! No need for multiple trips to the tanning salon, no need for a week or two of planning your sit outs. Walk in white, walk out brown.

3) It’s Safe !!! (did I mention that) “people who first use a tanning bed before age 35 increase their risk for melanoma by 75 percent.” according to the research.

4) It’s cost effective. Most spray tans cost between 20-40 bucks. Very affordable service for the results you get.

5) They’re safe (see a theme) The FDA regulates the active ingredients in the tan and has statements on their website saying that Spray Tans are non harmful unless you sit around inhaling spray mist all day.

6) They’re vastly improved from their debut back in the 80’s with their orange base and George Hamilton poster child. Science has improved the formula and offers a variety of base solutions to fit each skin tone type.

7) They’re great for groups. A bunch of Prom girls, an entire wedding party, couples heading south. Easy to package as a gift too.

8) They’re money makers, you can easily do 4 in an hour.

9) They’re popular – lots of celebs keep their look consistent by tanning on a regular basis.

10) They’re safe (surprise) No need to worry you’ll see news articles like the one below when it comes to Spray Tans.