Warm-up with a Hint of Natural Organic Color!

Brrr its cold outside! Warm up with Hint of Natural Organic Color for that Light Winter Glow! Worried about looking “un-natural” in the winter with a spray tan? Worry no more! Light winter Glows are here at City Chic. We offer the latest in natural looking spray tans using the most state of the art equipment combined with prescriptive grade solutions using 100% percent natural organic DHA. The results – a gorgeously glowing, evenly fading spray tan customized to your natural skin tone, occasion and season of the year! Nobody wants to walk into work having their coworkers saying “heh nice fake tan!” With no ultra tanning-in-winterdehydrating high percentages of DHA ,Dyes and water basing our solutions we promise the most natural results available along with the most hydrating tans and non patchy fadeouts!