You Glow Girl ! At Home Self Tanning

You Glow Girl !

Professional Premium Organic at Home Sunless Skincare

You Glow Girl by City Chic Sunless. At home instant self tan bronzing mist and pineapple exfoliating scrub. Extend and maintain your salon sunless tan or easy DIY Tanning at home.  Professional premium organic grade skincare. Perfect for touch ups on hand face and feet to full body bronzing . You Glow Girl is an easy to use tanning spray with a built in color guide corrector for streak free flawless results. You Glow Girl Pineapple scrub is designed to prepare the skin for sunless application, maintain healthy looking results  throughout your glow and rid the tan of any DHA left on the skin prior to your next sunless tan. Yummy pineapple scented, non abrasive and leaves the skin silky smooth. You Glow Girl products are naturally derived 100% Vegan and PETA approved with no parabens or harsh chemicals. Available at City Chic for purchase at your spraytan session , on the website and at retailers.

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You Glow Girl Tanning Mist

Sooth & Hydrate with Aloe

Combat free radicals with Calendula

Walnut Shell Extract provides a fresh and natural toned bronze color.

An easy to use facial and full body self-tanning spray perfect for any skin tone.

All natural time controlled tanning – the way science intended it to be. Contains 8% DHA ( comparable to drugstore self tanners 2-3%) .

You Glow Girl is an instant premium organic Airbrush Self-Tanner  with a cosmetic bronzer correcting guide, perfect for anyone looking to achieve a streak-free on-the-go glow.


Directions – Shake gently and apply to clean prepared skin. Hold the applicator 5-6 inches from skin, evenly mist desired area. Blend if required. Wear gloves or mitt to blend if needed. Be sure your skin is dry before dressing. Avoid water for at least 4 hours to help ensure beautiful, natural looking even coverage. Your tan will continue to darken for up to 24 hours.


You Glow Girl Pineapple scrub

Aloe Vera – soothes, hydrates and has antioxidant qualities

Natural coconut cleanses the skin

Calendula – Stimulate new skin growth while calming the skin with anti-inflammatory properties

Gently prepare your skin for the tanning process of You Glow Girl Instant Self Tan Bronzing Mist or your in salon session, with this gentle exfoliation leaving your skin silky and smooth. You Glow Girl Organic Pineapple Scrub is also designed to extend the longevity of your sunless tan by using it throughout keeping your tan polished and  healthy with a yummy pineapple scent! Good for all skin tones and types. Good for face and body.

Gently massage into a lather and rinse off. Use the day prior to your sunless application on a moistened washcloth  to prepare your skin and remove any DHA left on the skin. Use throughout your tan when required on moistened hands to keep the skin healthy and glowing.