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Professional Sunless

City Chic Sunless

 Professional Solutions

Why do I manufacture my own solution?

So I can offer you premium product knowing  that is made with safe FRESH quality ingredients because you deserve the absolute best !

City Chic Sunless products are made with premium grade DHA, are rich in skin repairing  moisture locking antioxidants Aloe and Vitamin C and produce natural looking olive color with the benefit of the skin treatment of  walnut extract.

Choosing from different harmful levels of chemical colors and levels of tanning is in the past.

I offer 1 professional simple solution that works on all skin types and tone Crafted with safe level 10% DHA.   When you use premium grade select DHA free of chemicals  that’s All you need!

Smooth Latte – All skin types 

This is your go to solution for every skin type that takes the guesswork out of spraytanning. Let your clients decide the depth of their color by how long they leave it on.

For Professional Use Only.

Premium Organic DHA

Paraben Free 100% Vegan

No Harsh Chemicals

Vitamin C


Natural Walnut

All natural time controlled tanning the way science intended it to be good for any skin type or tone. Rich organic premium DHA blend. Odor free tanning.

Directions – Spray on clean dry prepped skin. Allow your clients to control the color before showering to develope naturally on their skin. 2 to 8 hours for a lighter tan 12 hours for a medium tan and up to 24 hours for the darkest acceleration.

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