What our clients are saying

Sarah Mammel

I absolutely love my spray tans by Nanci at City Chic! She’s lovely, professional and goes above and beyond for her clients. The product she uses is fantastic and I’m always happier with a glow from City Chic. Highly recommended!

Shannon Rooney

Had the chance to see and feel how much better you feel about yourself after Nanci at City Chic Tanning gave me a fabulous glow before I went on holidays. Her product choice is wonderful, it is quick, makes your skin feel smooth and smells delicious too.

Gates Mary

Have a standing appt with City Chic weekly all summer this gives me an awesome golden glow and evens out my Vitiligo . No Sun Damage Great Color ,the best Spray Tan and service in Kelowna! City Chic Rocks!


  A natural lightweight feel & look was exactly what I wanted. No more UV and the curing is only seconds long in LED. I am so excited not to have to even think about maintenance again, I’ve now got a beautiful soft lacQit color on my toes as well. I LOVE IT!!”

 Lynn Sorense Wine Distributor

“The lacQit product on my toes rocks. Went to San Francisco and up along the Coast and the lacQit stayed on great. Did a lot of bare feet on the Ocean and the lacQit still stayed shiny! Will not go back to regular polish ever.”

Landa Whalen – Human Resources Consultant

“This is exactly what I needed! Polish on my natural nail with no lifting or chipping. I am a working mother that uses a computer all day. My nails remain fresh looking and clean. LacQit provides me with the strength I need with a soft lightweight feel that my nails are very happy with. The lacqit on toes is a must. Lasting wear, no chipping and fabulous colors. I am definitely a fan of this product.”

 Jessica Samuels – Radio Host

“With my career as a talk radio host, I’m always on deadline; add to that my personal life and it makes for a very hectic pace. I need to be able to go from the studio to the gym then on to the community fundraiser with the least amount of worries and distractions. One thing I know I never have to worry about my is nails looking great and that’s because of Lacqit. It’s fast, easy and durable – the perfect solution!”