About Nanci

City Chic Sunless Airbrush Tanning is the #1 rated Alternative to Sun Tanning in Kelowna

A gorgeous professionally applied Spray Tan and beautifully perfected set of nails adds to your self esteem which makes you feel

good. Being able to offer that to you as my clients makes me feel good.My philosophy is based on the principles of not

only looking and feeling your best but also only using the most premium and natural products to achieve this. After

many years spent baking in the sun and going to tanning beds I was starting to see the damage to my skin not to

mention that it can lead to skin cancer.  A decade of trying different tanning solutions and tanning lotions along with

two decades of nail performance and the development of my own LacQit one step gel polish has enabled me to seek

out the perfect way to achieve the healthiest glow and best sets of nails possible! Those years of experience,education

included travelling to achieve the most Elite Spray Tan Training and Nail Training available by Hollywood’s best celebrity spray artists and world top

nail competitors. As well my work as a former OPI Nails Inc. North American educator and current Spraytan Educator /owner to my own Sunless tanning product line, City Chic Sunless, for both at home and salon use. All this has allowed me to bring to you the absolute best way to achieve the most elite beauty look in the safest way possible. All my products are 100% vegan and PETA approved, Paraben Free, Erythulose Free and made from naturally derived ingredients using premium rich organic DHA  delivering odor free, orange free elite, healthy, certified  professional sunless tanning.


This page is dedicated to Brinkly, my former chocolate lab . My best friend, roommate, running partner, client greeter and unconditional supporter for 15 years. Missed every day –  may she rest in peace.